2016 Michigan USPSA Sectional


AUGUST 5th - 7th 2016 

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Brooklyn Sportsmans Club

475 Monroe St, Brooklyn,MI 49320

Match fee is $125.00 for Adult $75.00 for Junior with paid adult.

Squading will be done via USPSA website

This match will consist of 10 Stages plus Chrono.

Round count will be at least 250 will be able to give a better number as we get closer.

This match will a Cash payout match.

$10 per competitor within that division will go to the overall winner in each division.

$10 dollars per competitor within there class will go to each class winner.

(GM, M, A, B, C and D classes only)

IE: Limited Division has 100 shooters. A Master shooter wins the division, and there are 5 masters in limited. 
He will win $1050. 
$1000 for the division win and $50 for the class win.
B Class has 50 shooters, The winner of B class will receive $500. ETC ETC.

Jim Warren,
Dec 9, 2015, 4:22 PM