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Michigan IDPA state championship results

posted Sep 2, 2013, 5:31 AM by Jim Warren
BSC IDPA shooters made another impressive showing at the state IDPA match this year. Here's the results.

Division Champion CDP master Chris Chamberlin
1st place CDP sharpshooter Paul Chamberlin

Division Champion ESP expert Jacob Grasley
2nd place ESP sharpshooter Jim Warren
7th place ESP marksman Gary Greenwood
8th place ESP marksman Christine Jones
2nd place ESP novice Dean Mills

2nd place SSP master Jim Loxton
4th place SSP expert & High military veteran Mike Olson 
9th place SSP expert Andy Kershaw
15th place SSP expert Gene Fite
1st place SSP sharpshooter Jon Dalton
6th place SSP Sharpshooter Rob Loxton
7th place SSP sharpshooter Jim Shearer
11th place SSP sharpshooter Bill Rathbun
3rd place SSP marksman Randy Maynard
9th place SSP marksman Denny Shearer
12th place SSP marksman Dick Barczak
13th place SSP marksman Bob McNett
15th place SSP marksman Jacob Kershaw

3rd place ESR sharpshooter Mark Smith
4th place ESR sharpshooter Milo Beers